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Solutions for digital businesses

We are an agency that develops solutions for digital business, acting as White Label since our inception.

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Codezone seeks excellence and innovation, offering custom solutions in the development of systems, websites, 3D apps and games. Using technologies such as WebGL and virtual reality, our multidisciplinary team guarantees high-quality projects, focusing on usability, accessibility and user experience.

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WEB Solutions

focused on efficiency and innovation to boost your business.

Extended reality

AR and VR revolutionizing user interaction.


iOS, Android, and PWA, ensuring innovative and functional solutions for customers.


for entertainment, promotions, and gamification, with attractive and engaging design.


dynamic and interactive, optimizing visual communication in various projects.

3D Modeling

realistic and detailed visual elements for projects in various areas.

Who we are

Codezone is a company that develops solutions for digital businesses acting as a WHITE LABEL AGENCY since its creation, giving us great expertise in creative products in the most diverse conceptions of digital projects, for the largest agencies in the country.

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who we are

Let's start a project together?

We have high-performance multidisciplinary squads and develop responsive web applications, apps, filters, games and others with content management. Experience in consultancy projects and implementation of high demand projects.